Yum Yum!

This wonderful game story teaches about animals, feeding them and more. For children aged 1 - 3 years.

This is an app to „play, discover and be surprised!“
yum yum! combines things from everyday life with a fantasy world. In a poetic and humorous way the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, as in child’s play. Photography and graphic art merge into an unconventional visual world of experience.

Yum Yum!

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Children’s app for „doing something good for others“

Children like to feed animals. You can play so playfully with the children’s app Yum Yum! do something good for others. As a result, even the very little ones can have altruistically motivated, positive experiences.


– The design is a mix of photography and hand-made illustrations
– Fully animated characters and scenes
– Small levels with rewards
– Hidden surprises




Press voices:
„Refreshingly different, simply unique in every respect.“

„With Yum Yum! A little wonderland has been created.“

For a small price, you get a well thought-out app that makes children’s hearts beat faster.

Yum Yum! is educationally valuable for small children. „

„A wonderful children’s book app – photo-realistic and yet out of this world“

„… also ideal as a bedtime story or sleep book.“

„With Yum Yum! A little wonderland has been created.“

Contents Kinderapp Yum Yum!

The squirrel needs help! It doesn’t find its nuts! In the picture book app, even the little ones learn to be caring with a lot of fun. They help the animals get their food. Because the animals in „ham ham!“ are so dreamy that they have forgotten how to eat – just like our little ones sometimes forget it. But „Yum Yum!“ is also a small game with very child-friendly mini-games that have to be solved in order to reach the end. The squirrel is happy when the children show him where they are by tapping the nuts. The caterpillars thank you for the delicious fruits hidden in lantern flowers. Or the baby bird will eat blueberries and take a nap after eating all of the berries. When all the animals are full, they gather around the campfire to chat and laugh until night falls. There are a total of 5 scenes. In addition to feeding the animals, the children can discover many small interactive figures in the scenes. The elaborate animation of the environment. Trees, leaves, blades of grass and the water move to a light summer breeze.

Children’s app screens:

beste Kinder-App und Vorschul-App für Kindergartenkinder, ham ham!
This is where the story begins ...
beste Kinder-Apps und Vorschul-Apps für Kindergartenkinder, ham ham!
The bird child likes berries.
beste Kinder-App und Vorschul-App für Kindergartenkinder, ham ham!
The caterpillars are hungry and thirsty.
beste Kinder-App und Vorschul-App für Kindergartenkinder, ham ham!
The squirrel is collecting hazelnuts.
beste Kinder-Apps und Vorschul-Apps für Kindergartenkinder, ham ham!
The musicians are still sleeping.
beste Kinder-Apps und Vorschul-Apps für Kindergartenkinder

Dipl. Des. 
Hartmut Welsch

My motivation to develop kids apps:

As the father of 4 children, I have always dealt with children’s apps for the preschool sector. But only if I had a child of the appropriate age. In my opinion, this is the best way to develop child-friendly apps. That’s why I took my children’s experiences into account when developing the games. Of course, their reactions have often amazed me and occasionally caused entire game sequences to be completely redesigned.

Spend time wisely:

Smartphones and tablets are good options for parents to take a break. However, the guilty conscience plagues when the youngsters spend this time with inferior apps that are possibly only designed for mass production. That’s why I develop apps that add value to children. For example, stimulating the imagination or practicing social behavior as well as preschool topics. Furthermore, there is no time pressure with my apps. Even though the time frame of the season is manageable according to age. Furthermore, the fun and feel-good factor in the development of children’s apps is very important to me. This is how children’s apps become fun!